What Are Alt Mixes?

Alt mixes are pretty much like the full version of the track but with parts/instruments taken away. Not stems.

Here’s an example:

You have a full mix with everything in it – like bass, piano melody, drums, synths

You could make a minimal alt mix that might just be the drums, synths and bass with no piano melody 

You could make a no drums mix – where its everything in your full track without the drums/percussion.

Here’s some examples of alt mixes and how to Label your tracks:


You’ll see I have a main track then a minimal, no percussion alt mix etc.

An alt mix needs to be a complete track on it’s own. 

If you have a full mix of a track called Happy Days

You could literally cut all the drums out of your main cue, export it out then label that track the (no drum) alt mix. i.e Happy Days (No Drums)

Here’s a solid video showing you how to make alt mixes:

Our protocol is a little different from how this guy and his clients need material but it should give you a better understanding.

When making an alt mix think about the music supervisor putting your music in a show? He might like your main track but doesn’t need the drums in the track or maybe the melody or lead synths are too complex and just wants a simple minimal version with no melody and only rhythm. 

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