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Congrats and Welcome to everyone who recently joined our roster. We are extremely excited for each and every one of you! If you have passed our audition process we think you have what it takes to succeed writing instrumental cues for TV.

Musicfortv.net offers a truly amazing service. There is nothing out there like it. We get your music placed in major networks with ease. We are literally using our personal connections to help you get placements.  We work very closely with our publishers and supply the exact music they need. You sign up, you instantly have a foot in the door to write for our legit opportunities/TV Shows.

The best part about our services… It’s wide open. There is no limit to opportunities or placements. WE SUPPLY MUSIC to tons of TV shows meaning, most of our opportunities are ongoing so you get the maximum upscale potential to start banking in the TV placement game and can do this in your spare time without the stress of a quick deadline. We need music in so many styles too, it’s ridiculous.

Upon signing a deal with us, you also receive downloadable reference tracks, so you can listen to what music is actually being placed, and so you’re never submitting blindly to an opp. like so many of us have done in the past. You get unlimited submissions for the price of a simple monthly fee. Best part yet, You get us on your team coaching you to make sure you are submitting the exact material our publishers want. MFTV is a Win/Win Situation for all of us.

You have to be a member to work with us. Everything is set up for you. All you have to do is sign up to jump in this epic adventure! If you have not signed up yet, then you definitely should!

We work with TV shows that you’ll see on networks like MTV, VH1, E!, Bravo, E, TLC, and so much more. But there’s more, we are also working with HBO, SHO, and other movie channels that need music cues for original programming. 

Just as an example we have placed many cues on the Emmy Winning series “Vice” which airs on HBO!

Another great opportunity and a big focus of Musicfortv.net is the show “MTV’s Catfish”. They continue to ask us for music. We have been working with them for multiple seasons. If you are a signed writer with us, then focus on writing for MTV’s Catfish, HBO Vice, and the Future Pop request that came in a couple weeks ago. 

On another note: Remember.. set weekly goals and deliver music! This will ensure placements. You won’t be sorry for doing this work. Don’t sit back and think you 1-3 cues will make you millions. The people who are writing regularly are the ones making all the money and placements. 😀 Let’s GO get it this week! No Excuses!

From your friends at Musicfortv.net


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