Watch Out for These 3 Things

Happy Friday! Hope you’re moving forward!

I want to give all current and new clients a shout out! Congrats and welcome to the team! Our team is super small but making a big impact! We need so much music it’s ridiculously easy to get placements. If you’re work ethic is strong our service will work very well for you.

This opportunity is worth every single penny. I cannot stress this enough. I used to pay $200 a month for the gold plan back before was formed. I’d pay $200 month and even at that price it was worth my investment 10X. Now I have a steady stream of checks rolling in from TV placements and half of the time i’m not even writing. It’s from music I sent in months or even years ago! It’s great! I’m telling you, you need to get your tracks in the right places! Your tracks are sitting on your hard drives collecting dust. It annoys me seeing people sitting on gold mines (music) and still struggle making money in this industry. We are offering a great solution to help you stack $$$$. There is so much opportunity out here. It inspires me seeing people invest in themselves! So if you’re on our roster, congrats! is a perfect way to monetize your music in TV. We are a trusted source to many TV shows and Networks..

We will be here every step of the way to help you succeed to the best of our ability. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you want to talk or have any questions.

Becareful of the following: Watch Out For These 3 Things!

All Talk, No Action (Don’t Be This Guy):

Try not to talk a big game if you can’t back it up. These types of people usually just talk and don’t take action. Working in this industry requires patience, persistence and consistency. It you do not possess these two character traits our service might not work for you.

Watch Out for Analysis Paralysis:

If you’re this person, I totally understand. I’m the same way. Please take a second and take a deep breath. All you need to focus is on creating music..We will do the rest. Keep it simple. Don’t overthink this. Just follow directions and make the music you love.

The Quitter:

Most people people give up because they might not see the results right away. I did too! I stopped submitting music half way through my first year. I thought I’d see placements instantly and didn’t so I quit until I got my first BMI paycheck 9-12 months later! I’ll never give up again. That was all it took and I make sure I submit music monthly now. Placements take awhile to come to fruition. The best thing you can do right now is stay focused and committed, and keep writing and submitting cues!

An opportunity is on the table.. What are you going to do about it? Sit on the sidelines looking for free handouts, or are you going to invest in your career, take action to secure your future and music business.

Submission Reminders:

  • Add 10-30 keywords in your tracks meta data. (The More The Better)
  • Create and Submit Material! (Can’t get placements without music)
  • Be Consistent (The future you will thank you when you get fat checks from your work ethic)
  • Send Quality over Quantity
  • Watch and Listen to the music on the shows (Not sure what’s placing? Watch THE SHOWS!) 😀
  • Send Alt Mixes*** (If you are not exporting out alt mixes seriously start doing it!)
    MOST IMPORTANT* Follow Directions:
  • Working efficiently is so important. Once you join our team, we need to work like a team. Please help us by reading and following directions. Our process, is laid out in steps for you to follow. We need to be professional in all submissions, meta data, and labeling.

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Not Sure What You Should Be Writing For RIGHT NOW?

Write for our On-Going TV Placement Opportunities all year long! Here’s a few main specifics:

  • MTV Catfish
  • VH1 Love and Hip Hop
  • Bravo Real Housewives of NY
  • HBO Vice
  • Viceland
  • Viceland Noisey
  • VH1 Basketball Wives
  • & many more!

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Let’s go!

Collin & Team Music for TV

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