The Big Question:  Is Your Music Working For You? 

Look… if you can produce instrumental music – we can help you get TV placements the moment we start working together.

We offer a service that will pay for itself over and over. With a proven and steady platform and connections that consistently deliver winning results there’s no way to lose.. that is if you are sending us your music. If you are not sending us your music – your really missing out on tons of placements and cash.
We work with so many TV shows on MTV, VH1, E!, Bravo, E, TLC, and so many more.

We have on-going music needs for many different shows. This means you can be writing and sending in tracks all year long. Think about that for a second? You can sign up and write music for shows all year long!  PLEASE DO NOT GET CONFUSED AND THINK THAT WE ONLY SEND OUT EMAIL REQUESTS. 

This is what makes us different than everyone else. We are constantly supplying shows with music. We don’t waste time with email requests unless there is BIG money involved. Of course you’ve seen those emails and they are great! But becoming a consistent supplier of cues to our shows is going to make you the long term money!
We created to meet the needs of the modern day composers and producers – Get out of the rat race!

Our service is so simple. Submit an audition – we want to make sure you have the skills needed to do this! If accepted – You sign up and start writing what you love to write.

Getting TV placements and making money with your music is now easy with –  We are sure you will love working with us!

Message to all composers and producers– Don’t sit back and wait for your success. I’ve wasted so much time just waiting for someone to notice me. Take action today, sign up!

You have to realize that so much music is needed for every single episode. If you are serious about making money with your music in TV, our service is something you should really consider! Let’s get you a ton of TV Placements!

What are you waiting for?  Start writing for TV shows today. Start learning how to write for TV shows today too. Bottom-line, Let’s Get You Started today. The sooner you start writing music cues for these shows, the sooner we can help get your music placed and get you paid $$$$

Once you enroll in our program, we start using our personal connections to secure TV placements on your behalf.

It’s that simple. Join our team!


Reminders for our Composers/Producers!


  • Add 10-30 keywords in your tracks meta data. (The More The Better)
  • Create and Submit Material! (Can’t get placements without music)
  • Be Consistent (The future you will thank you when you get fat checks from your work ethic)
  • Send Quality over Quantity
  • Watch and Listen to the music on the shows (Not sure what’s placing? Watch THE SHOWS!) 😀
  • Send Alt Mixes*** (If you are not exporting out alt mixes seriously start doing it!) Remember for optimal TV placement potential – Send in variations/alt mixes of your cue (Full, Minimal, No Drums, Drone, etc.) This will help you get more placements and gives a music supervisors of a TV show more layers of your track to play with when syncing a track up to a show.
  • Not sure what alt mixes are? Here is a link to some of my tracks: Examples of Alt Mixes

MOST IMPORTANT* Follow Directions:

Working efficiently is so important. Once you join our team, we need to work like a team. Please help us by reading and following directions. Our process, is laid out in steps for you to follow. We need to be professional in all submissions, meta data, and labeling.
Not sure what to write for? Write for our On-Going TV Placement Opportunities all year long! Here’s a few main specifics:

  • MTV Catfish
  • VH1 Love and Hip Hop
  • Bravo Real Housewives of NY
  • HBO Vice
  • Viceland
  • Viceland Noisey
  • VH1 Basketball Wives
  • & dozens more!

Login here to view more in depth styles, moods, and types of music is needed. (members only)

Keep going strong!

– The MFTV Team

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