Reality TV Music Needed & Weekly Music Scores Needed

Music Needed On MTV Catfish

Quick reminder: Music is still needed for a variety of tv shows. TNT, MTV Catfish & Vice are some key ones – These shows are requesting fresh batches of new instrumental music weekly. Below is a list of each musicical needs.

Deadline is on-going as usual but they’ve asked for us to ramp up submissions.. No new reference tracks provided so please watch the shows to get an idea of what styles are needed. You must be a member to submit. Thanks guys! Ps. scroll below to enter in another weekly score for $100 and an official NKS ready Kontakt 6 plugin ($129 value) + sample packs. 

MTV Catfish:

  • Indie Pop
  • Indie electro
  • Indie rock
  • Indie hip hop – that skews toward pop
  • We can still use emotional (hopeful/melancholy/reflective) type cues and tension (light suspense… think worry not fear/investigative/driving), but the indie genres are the highest priority.
  • Suspense/Investigative/Tension music – this is the bulk of the Catfish sound! Should be dark but not too scary/horror movie like
  • Ambient/droney tension
  • Sparse – tracks that are pulsing or have ticking sounds
  • Driving tension – tracks (still minimal though) with a build
  • Weird instrumentation (chimes, glitchy sounds, didgeridoo)
  • Electronic/Dubby tension MINIMAL
  • Sparse Tense/suspenseful hip hop
  • Pop/Rock and electro pop
  • MINIMAL emotional music – both sad and hopeful. Lots of single note cues work – especially reverse ambient guitar (wahh-wahh sounds). Tracks that are sparse and heart breaking as well as cautiously hopeful. Electronic elements work well in these types of cues. Piano ballads or strum-my guitar cues do not. Tracks with slight builds can work well!
  • Mid-tempo and uptempo indie pop, indie rock, folk and electro pop – optimistic, fun, slightly quirky tracks for travel montages and more light hearted scenes. Tracks that build can work here. Only current sounding cues that should also be somewhat minimal so there can be dialogue on top of them. NO EDM. Most should be optimistic but some can be more tense or melancholy. Nothing too percussive or distracting.
  • Resolution music – Each episode will end with some sort of resolution. Many will be bittersweet so we will need music to help show that. These songs can be emotional, cautiously hopeful, have slow builds. We will need a variety.

  Deadline: On-going

Type of Submission:  Non-Exclusive Instrumentals

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Weekly Music Score Needed!


To jump on this scoring gig, please click black button link below to submit a link to your best cinematic & film score work. You must be a Gold or Bronze member to qualify for this opp. Sign up here.Composer will be chosen in 72 hours. If you don’t hear back you didn’t get the opp this week. 


Use this Kontakt 6 piano called “Revelation” Scoring Grand piano accompanied by 3rd party instruments to create a compelling, moving & dramatic score. No video this week!

You can learn more about revelation scoring piano here:

Creative Direction

Goal is to create building & moving trailer tracks with piano as base of score similar to reference tracks. 3rd party plugins are recommended to accompany piano sounds. Listen to reference tracks. You’ll know & hear the styles needed. You have creative freedom. Thank you.  This music may be used as audio demos on plugin product page & social media video posts. 

Reference Tracks:

0:00 Demented Sound Mafia – Santa Maria

12:51 Thomas Bergersen – Femme Fatale

23:44 Iros Young – Moment of Truth

51:42 Two Steps From Hell – Nero

– Budget: $100 for score + official NKS ready – plugin ($129 retail value) + 2 sample packs from Sound Yeti.
– License: Non-exclusive
– Deadline: 72 hours from time you get accepted to write – copy of plugin will be sent to you.

1. you must own & have a copy of Kontakt 6 installed (this scoring piano is a Kontakt 6 instrument)
2. you must love to write cinematic & epic music cues for trailers, film scores etc.

Last weeks selected composers: Taras Tkachenko – 9/9/21 & Ian Pav – 9/9/21

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