Producer/Composer Jobs Availible!

music for tv composers needed for commercials and film

It’s time to start submitting material for the paid producer gigs that are available. 

Please, read this email over and over again. There is a lot of info. Part of this submission process is seeing how you follow directions.

The company choosing producers for the last round has picked 5 of our clients! We are pretty excited about this, as is the production house. 

They are so excited, in fact, they’ve asked us to search for more awesome producers. So thanks to all of you who submitted work. 

You may submit up to 3 tracks, with vocals or without, but they may only be 30 seconds in length. And here’s why. 

A lot of you missed out on this opportunity because your tracks had way too long intros and/or discernible begin gin, middle and end. So now in 30 seconds you must create a brilliant piece of work that has a beginning middle and end. 

Trust me when I tell you, a loop over and over again, is not for this. You all need to understand that this is the big leagues and this is a DREAM company to work for. They do CUSTOM music for the BIGGEST companies in the WORLD. 

So bring your A-GAME! 

I am telling you right now this is HUGE for all of you that want full time jobs producing music and/or want to earn up to $500 per track, up front plus your writers royalties. 

All subs have to have metadata regarding your writers name, genre and keywords as described in our protocol sheet starting at the “Track Length” section here:(but ignore the protocol track length. Tracks need to be 30sec exactly.)

Get your free account here

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

There are literally dozens of jobs available.

You must be a GOLD member to submit. If you’re not a Gold member, take the time now to sign up. If you’re a Bronze member, send respond to this email and we will give you upgrade instructions.  Grab GOLD Here!

– All tracks have to be 30 seconds in length.

– Deadline is Thursday Jan 30th 10am est But send asap because I am delivering tracks that fit their needs as they come in. 

– Endings must be tight, button, and/or stingers

– You may submit multiple genres in one folder

– Get your free account here

– All submission must go through our portal here

– Folder must be labeled – Name – Genre(s) – Paid Gig – Date

– Vocals where needed with regards to genre. 

– Tracks with vocals should have instrumentals ready to go if asked for

– All tracks you submit must be available for sale.

They pay up to $500 per track.

If they buy a track you will keep your writers share of the publishing.
If they hire you, your opportunities for earnings are through the roof. 

Here is a list of genres, so you can get ready. 

1. Current Hip Hop with (clean) vocals.

2. 90’s Hip Hop

3. Old School Soul with vocals. (These should be fun and uptempo).

4. Stomp Rock (Imagine Dragons meets One Republic kind of thing). 

5. Modern R&B with vocals.

6. Orchestral music: film trailers, action/adventure cues.

7. Modern Rock of all kinds but an emphasis on sport cues would be best..

8. Latin/ Cuban/Island music.

9. Modern Country.

10. Quirky, fun music.

11. Authentic Jazz.

12. Indie Artist-focused music. 

13. Black Keys

14. Royal Blood (a side note, no one has come close to this so if you have it or know someone, get them in this now!) 

15. Tame Impala

16. Banks

17. Spoon

18. John Williams

19. Hans Zimmer

In December we placed 6 of our producers with potential jobs. Now we’ve placed FIVE more, in ONE week!  .

GOLD members may submit for these jobs. Bronze members please email for details to submit.  Grab GOLD Here!

Bronze packages are still great for cue unlimited submissions but you will not have access to staff job opportunities. Of course you may upgrade your Bronze to GOLD. Just shoot us an email and let us know.

Keep in mind that in between these “job placement” requests you’ll be able to submit material, to us, and get it placed dozens of shows. All of this info is on our site.

Please read all of the briefs several times, and then read them again.

Please ask questions as we are here to help you. We want you to succeed! When you succeed we succeed.

Feel free to forward this email to anyone that may be interested. If they sign up we will send you $10. 

Thank you all again for making MFTV look awesome to some really big players!

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