Featured Placements June 2019

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Here are just a few of the latest placements via Music for TV.

Check out a few of our recent placements below and let us know what’s happening with you. 


Songs With Vocals Needed

Music For TV needs songs with vocals

Song With Vocals

We are now accepting songs with vocals. These will be used for a variety of shows, commercials, internet commercials, in store usage, and many other opportunities. These opps, like our instrumental opps, will be ongoing and you will be able to submit as many tracks as you want. 

These placements pay out $1,000 plus and are quite plentiful. 

If you are chosen for these placements, you will be connected with our colleagues that will want to work with your material exclusively, getting you placements. You will not have to give up any publishing to us or anyone else but our colleagues do require a portion of the money that each placement earns up front. You will never have to pay them a fee if they do not get a placement. 

They will offer you a month to month agreement with no strings attached. Trust me this is an awesome deal for you!



These are bands that we have and that are already getting a lot of placements. We want material that is similar to each artist. So please listen to them. 

One Stop or easy clear is ideal. 



Use MFTV submission protocol and label the show – Love & Listings – in folder title

i.e Collin Scudder – Love & Listings – EDM Trap – 8-23-18

Deadline: On-Going

40+ New Placements This Month!

Music For TV - TV Placements on Networks Like MTV VH1 and more


  Check out a few of our recent placements  below from BMI composers and let us know what’s happening with you. Big shout out to our gold members and KC Carter for receiving 8 new placements – 6 on VH1 “Basketball Wives” and 2 on MTV “Are You The One”. Shout out to Daniel Moore as well for receiving 6 new placements – 5 on VH1 “Basketball Wives” and 1 on MTV “Are You The One”. We had 10+ new bronze placements on MTV Catfish, 4 on MTV Are You The One + a variety of placements on other shows like The Real World, Housewives of NY etc! 

  We are a small team, making a big impact! With a tiny roster of composers, we are on the right track, let’s double these placements counts next quarter! Remember landing TV placements is a slow process. Don’t ever give up or lose hope. Have faith, keep going, keep writing! Ps. if you were or are currently a gold member with musicfortv.net and secured placements, be sure to reach out and share your success with us so we can feature you! 


Team Music for TV

Why is Adding Meta Data Important?

Music For TV Formula To TV Placement Success How To Get Your Music IN TV Film

Adding meta data that “actually” correlates to your music is a crucial aspect of getting TV placements. Picture this, our publishers and supervisors pick up your music but what if your music is not needed today but needed tomorrow. How are our publishers and music supervisors supposed to find your music? Are they going to be searching back through emails, through each submission and folder? No. 

Music supervisors are always on the look out to find the right song/cue for the scene and usually need to do it as quick as possible. While they love to receive and pick fresh music daily and they often pull from their back-catalogs if they can’t find exactly what the need at the time. 

Then, how do they search for our tracks you may ask? They are using intuitive search engines and your keywords!

This is why adding GREAT keywords is part of our protocol. By adding meta data that actually describes your material will help you 10X your placements, income and keep your music relevant in our system for years to come. We compiled a list below of ways to improve your meta data, check them out!

Here’s an easy formula to keyword success:

  1. List the specific genre – if it’s a hip hop track, what kind of hip hop is it? Old school, Boom Bap, trap, 90’s hip hop?
  2. List the level of energy – is it low, medium, high, building energy?
  3. Describe the moods your music evokes – sadness, happy times, inspiring moments, serious, concerning, triumphant, 
  4. Describe the tempo – is it a slow, mid tempo, up tempo, very fast track?
  5. Describe what kind of scenes your track could be used in – comedy, love, lifestyle, night club, city night, documentary, exploration, technology, science, suspense etc.
  6. Optional* – What kind of music does it sound like? Kanye west, Justin Timberlake, type track

This is tried and true way to add an edge to your music placement business.

Here’s some more helpful tips and tricks! Getting tv placements can be broken down to 4 easy to do steps. Follow them and you will have a framework to success. 

4 Essential Steps To Making Money With Your Music and Landing More TV placements:

1. Build Your Catalog – One track at a time. Create a vibrant and full catalog of music. What you are doing is creating intellectual property that you own. You want to create as much IP as you can! It’ll give you the freedom to buy, sell, license, trade whatever you want with your IP. Remember Quality over quantity and always think about your customer! That brings us to our next step.

2. Create Valuable Content – Don’t waste your time creating music people do not want to use or hear. Keep it modern and ask yourself questions like, Does this music sound modern, Is this a style that someone would want to use commercially, how can I be of maximum service and cater to the needs of today’s music industry? What type of music is actually getting placed and what style do they actually want? 

Another thing: Watch the TV shows and listen!! Do some research. You’ll hear what is being used and wanted in terms of style and type of music. Another thing that can devalue and break your songs chance of placement is how you structure or lay out your track. Create/Build your tracks with your customer in mind. Put yourself in the shoes of a music supervisor adding music into a show or film. They need transitions to move from one scene to the next, intros, outros, quick jump ins, vibes, moods, moment makers etc. Taking a day to strategize or do some research is super important! Secondly, recognizable and modern sounding tracks… you can’t go wrong with those! Listen to the Billboard top 100 tracks – those styles are in right now and always a good clue to what will work and is in popular demand. Lastly, create alt mixes of each cue you create! 

3. Metadata – Spending countless hours on a track, perfecting it obsessively than not taking the time to add keywords to it is one of the worst mistakes you can do. Without keywords supervisors can’t find your tracks. Increase your odds and master metadata! Our publishers are always looking to pick up fresh tracks that just dropped into their inbox but they often pull from their back catalog – so using good keywords on your tracks is SUPER important and will help them find your tracks. Get creative with your metadata too! Honestly evaluate your music and add respective genre, mood, feels, vibes, scenes – imagine what someone would search while looking for your exact track.

4. Distribution– You need to get your music heard! We are one of many companies you can work with. Get your music in with MUSICFORTV and a few other companies, if you can find some! Maximize your sync/placement potential! Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Feed all of your baskets at once with content! Create content, distribute content. Simple.

If you asked me, I’d say never skip these steps!

Hope these tips help!  Stay consistent, and focused y’all! 

Skeptic Turned Client With TV Placements

Music for TV - we put music in tv show - another happy client

Listen, we know you’re ALL skeptical and we get it!
See email (which I will paste below, word for word) is from a former client who was skeptical. Once he got his first batch of placements, well you can see what happened.

We just want you all to know that our biggest hurdle building this business is gaining your trust. We do the best we can and are always trying to improve. While we never ever guarantee placements, we can tell you that if you learn and follow our protocols, take our direction and suggestions, your chances for placement are very very good. 

Here’s the email exactly as written…

Hi guys!I just wanted to thank you both for the two songs on MTV Catfish, I take back and everything dissapointing or bad I said to you guys. I’ve been screwed over in this business for so long, I just stop trusting your work and I shouldn’t have. I will make sure to get back on the $20 a month plan very soon. Did you guys post the success story on your site yet, I want to help you promote your business all I can on Facebook. I have the full 5,000 friends on there and most of them of musicians. I’d love to help all I can. If you post the success story of the tracks like you do sometimes… I can add a quote for you, if needed. Something really nice about your company. Just let me know if there’s anything I can do. You guys are awesome!

-Brad Swafford

Music for tv - how to get your music into tv show film television

Create. Submit. Forget. Repeat

Daily reminder! Create. Submit. Forget. Repeat! A winning formula when it comes to writing music and getting tv placements! Don’t submit a few tracks and wait to see if they get placed, fill the pipeline and don’t stop! Consistency is key 🔑 — Genius is 1% inspiration 99% perspiration. Write more – start writing and submitting your music to @musicfortv 

‘TV Spotlight Featured Placements – Jan. 2019

Get Music On TV Shows - TV Placements BMI
Check out a few of our recent placements below and let us know what’s happening with you. Here are just a few of the latest placements via Music for TV.
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New Show: Non-Exclusive Instrumental Music Needed  – MTV’s The Challenge Season 33

MTV The Challenge Season 33 - music needed for TV placement

Happy Holidays! We’re gearing up for MTV’s The Challenge 33 and we could really use your help! We’ll need plenty of new nonexclusive instrumental tracks for this. For this season, the cast will be entering a vast desert wasteland reminiscent of a post apocalyptic world full of unruly dystopian characters. With that visual in mind, the sound of the show ...

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Tips To Make Money And Land More TV Placements!

Getting tv placements can be broken down to 4 easy to do steps. Follow them and you will have a framework to success. 4 Essential Steps To Making Money With Your Music and Landing More TV placements: 1. Build Your Catalog – One track at a time. Create a vibrant and full catalog of music. What you are doing is ...

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‘TV Spotlight Featured Placements

Check out a few of our recent placements below and let us know what’s happening with you.

Here are just a few of the latest placements via Music for TV.

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