New Opportunity For Rappers

Music for tv placemnent
New Opportunity for Rappers! We are choosing writers for a production company that has expanded to a record label.  This company has already signed several of our MFTV family for substantial opportunities.  From the company: “We are looking for for some talented rappers that flow great and can follow a brief. We have two 30 sec beats they can choose from and ideally there would be ...
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Music Still Needed For TV

Hope everyone is safe & healthy!

Just wanted to shoot over a reminder to say we’re still open for business, accepting and populating our TV publishers catalog with YOUR music! 

Times are tough, but push forward – we want you to succeed and we can’t help you if you aren’t sending us your music. 🙂

Remember – those who get placements are the ones submitting in tracks. Now’s a perfect time to get back on the grind and start cranking out those tv cues while others aren’t.


Right now – we are focusing strictly on instrumental cues which are usually 90-120 second in length tracks that evoke a mood, style, or genre.

Hold off on any full songs with vocals. We’’ll let you know once we can start that back up.

Ps. Be sure to submit alt mixes with each cue to maximize your placement potential! 

Overall – stay safe & get your instrumental cues firing up and start getting them submitted in!
– MFTV Team

Production Tip Of The Day
“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

Music Placement Strategy Tip:
Create Valuable Content – Don’t waste your time creating music people do not want to use or hear. Keep it modern and ask yourself questions like, Does this music sound modern, Is this a style that someone would want to use commercially, how can I be of maximum service and cater to the needs of today’s music industry? What type of music is actually getting placed and what style do they actually want? Another thing: Watch the TV shows and listen!! Do some research. You’ll hear what is being used and wanted in terms of style and type of music. Another thing that can devalue and break your songs chance of placement is how you structure or lay out your track. Create/Build your tracks with your customer in mind. Put yourself in the shoes of a music supervisor adding music into a show or film.

They need transitions to move from one scene to the next, intros, outros, quick jump ins, vibes, moods, moment makers etc. Taking a day to strategize or do some research is super important! Secondly, recognizable and modern sounding tracks… you can’t go wrong with those! Listen to the Billboard top 100 tracks – those styles are in right now and always a good clue to what will work and is in popular demand. Lastly, create alt mixes of each cue you create! TV placement is some what of a numbers game. The more quality tracks you create and distribute, the more opportunities you’ll have to get placements. Another positive is when you create more and more tracks, your production skills increase, and your personal music catalog grows. This is great for you.
 Do some math – if you sent us 2 cues with 3 alt mixes each – giving you a total of 8 tracks a week, you would have over 400+ tracks submitted tracks in a year. That’s a great goal for each of you and puts you in a top position to see lots of placements $$$$ Think about it? 2 cues and a few alt mixes a week? That’s not hard at all to achieve. Overall, for best results – just stay consistent, write regularly and you should be golden! Let’s Gooo! 
Ok go write and fill that pipeline!

Submission Reminders:

  • Add 10-30 keywords in your tracks meta data. (The More The Better)
  • Create and Submit Material! (Can’t get TV placements without music)
  • Be Consistent (The future you will thank you)
  • Send Quality over Quantity
  • Watch and Listen to the music on the shows (Not sure what’s placing? Watch THE SHOWS!) 😀
  • Send Alt Mixes*** (If you are not exporting out alt mixes seriously start doing it!)

MOST IMPORTANT* Follow Directions:

Working efficiently is so important. Once you join our team, we need to work like a team. Please help us by reading and following directions. Our process, is laid out in steps for you to follow. Check out the “Getting Started” Steps here. We need to be professional in all submissions, meta data, and labeling.

Login here to learn more about our Prep and Delivery Protocol!

Not Sure What You Should Be Writing For RIGHT NOW?

Write for our On-Going TV Placement Opportunities all year long! Here’s a few main specifics:

  • MTV Catfish
  • VH1 Love and Hip Hop
  • Bravo Real Housewives of NY
  • HBO Vice
  • Viceland
  • Viceland Noisey
  • VH1 Basketball Wives
  • & many more!

Login here to view more in depth styles, moods, and types of music that are needed.

Looking For Artists For TV Commercials

Music for tv is looking for talented artists with social media following for TV commercials - jobs

Here is a list of genres of artists and band types needed, so get your tracks ready.   

1. Current Hip Hop with (clean) vocals.   
2. Old School Soul with vocals. (These should be fun and uptempo). 
3. Stomp Rock (Imagine Dragons meets One Republic kind of thing).  
4. Modern R&B with vocals. 
5. Modern Rock of all kinds but an emphasis on sport cues would be best.. 
6. Latin/ Cuban/Island music. 
7. Modern Country. (Jason Aldean-Florida Georgia Line)
8. Quirky, fun music. 
9. Authentic Jazz. 
10. Indie Artist-focused music.  
11. Black Keys 
12. Royal Blood (a side note, no one has come close to this so if you have it or know someone, get them in this now!) 
13. Tame Impala
14. Banks
15. Spoon
Submission BRIEF
– 1 song with vocals.

– Links to your social media 

– Deadline is ASAP so please send right away. 

– Looking for bands/artists that have a social media presence

– This is not for producer only talent, sorry 

– Submit using a link

– Get your free account here
– All submission must go through our portal here
– Folder must be labeled – Artist Name – Genre – SM – Date

– Tracks should have instrumentals ready to go if asked for

Producer/Composer Jobs Availible!

music for tv composers needed for commercials and film

It’s time to start submitting material for the paid producer gigs that are available. 

Please, read this email over and over again. There is a lot of info. Part of this submission process is seeing how you follow directions.

The company choosing producers for the last round has picked 5 of our clients! We are pretty excited about this, as is the production house. 

They are so excited, in fact, they’ve asked us to search for more awesome producers. So thanks to all of you who submitted work. 

You may submit up to 3 tracks, with vocals or without, but they may only be 30 seconds in length. And here’s why. 

A lot of you missed out on this opportunity because your tracks had way too long intros and/or discernible begin gin, middle and end. So now in 30 seconds you must create a brilliant piece of work that has a beginning middle and end. 

Trust me when I tell you, a loop over and over again, is not for this. You all need to understand that this is the big leagues and this is a DREAM company to work for. They do CUSTOM music for the BIGGEST companies in the WORLD. 

So bring your A-GAME! 

I am telling you right now this is HUGE for all of you that want full time jobs producing music and/or want to earn up to $500 per track, up front plus your writers royalties. 

All subs have to have metadata regarding your writers name, genre and keywords as described in our protocol sheet starting at the “Track Length” section here:(but ignore the protocol track length. Tracks need to be 30sec exactly.)

Get your free account here

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

There are literally dozens of jobs available.

You must be a GOLD member to submit. If you’re not a Gold member, take the time now to sign up. If you’re a Bronze member, send respond to this email and we will give you upgrade instructions.  Grab GOLD Here!

– All tracks have to be 30 seconds in length.

– Deadline is Thursday Jan 30th 10am est But send asap because I am delivering tracks that fit their needs as they come in. 

– Endings must be tight, button, and/or stingers

– You may submit multiple genres in one folder

– Get your free account here

– All submission must go through our portal here

– Folder must be labeled – Name – Genre(s) – Paid Gig – Date

– Vocals where needed with regards to genre. 

– Tracks with vocals should have instrumentals ready to go if asked for

– All tracks you submit must be available for sale.

They pay up to $500 per track.

If they buy a track you will keep your writers share of the publishing.
If they hire you, your opportunities for earnings are through the roof. 

Here is a list of genres, so you can get ready. 

1. Current Hip Hop with (clean) vocals.

2. 90’s Hip Hop

3. Old School Soul with vocals. (These should be fun and uptempo).

4. Stomp Rock (Imagine Dragons meets One Republic kind of thing). 

5. Modern R&B with vocals.

6. Orchestral music: film trailers, action/adventure cues.

7. Modern Rock of all kinds but an emphasis on sport cues would be best..

8. Latin/ Cuban/Island music.

9. Modern Country.

10. Quirky, fun music.

11. Authentic Jazz.

12. Indie Artist-focused music. 

13. Black Keys

14. Royal Blood (a side note, no one has come close to this so if you have it or know someone, get them in this now!) 

15. Tame Impala

16. Banks

17. Spoon

18. John Williams

19. Hans Zimmer

In December we placed 6 of our producers with potential jobs. Now we’ve placed FIVE more, in ONE week!  .

GOLD members may submit for these jobs. Bronze members please email for details to submit.  Grab GOLD Here!

Bronze packages are still great for cue unlimited submissions but you will not have access to staff job opportunities. Of course you may upgrade your Bronze to GOLD. Just shoot us an email and let us know.

Keep in mind that in between these “job placement” requests you’ll be able to submit material, to us, and get it placed dozens of shows. All of this info is on our site.

Please read all of the briefs several times, and then read them again.

Please ask questions as we are here to help you. We want you to succeed! When you succeed we succeed.

Feel free to forward this email to anyone that may be interested. If they sign up we will send you $10. 

Thank you all again for making MFTV look awesome to some really big players!


Music for TV licensing
Daily reminder! Create Music. Submit Your Music To People/Companies Who Can Make You Money. Forget About Your Tracks After You Monetize Them.. Repeat! A winning formula when it comes to writing music and getting tv placements! Don’t submit a few tracks and wait to see if they get placed, fill the pipeline and don’t stop! Consistency is key. Create quality ...
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Songs With Vocals Needed

Song With Vocals –We are now accepting songs with vocals. These will be used for a variety of shows, commercials, internet commercials, in store usage, and many other opportunities. These opps, like our instrumental opps, will be ongoing and you will be able to submit as many tracks as you want. These placements pay out $1,000 plus and are quite plentiful. ...
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‘TV Featured Placements

Music for TV - Featured Music TV placements
Hey everyone!    This quarter we saw over 60 new music placements come in for bronze & gold clients across a multitude of tv shows and networks like MTV, HBO, VH1. We are very happy to show you some of our featured placements!    Shoutout to Michael Brown, David Levy, Tanya Ariaratnam, & Daniel Cagle for getting your first royalty ...
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Music Needed: MTV Catfish

Music Needed On MTV Catfish

Happy Tuesday!

This is an amazing opportunity for MEMBERS only! If you’re not a member and you’re getting this email, this means that you passed our audition and are allowed to sign up here

We strongly encourage you to sign up now because your chances of immediate placement are through the roof for this one.
Music Needed: MTV Catfish

We just got a request from the show MTV Catfish. We will be submitting new music to the network every week. Deadline is on-goin until further specified. We only ask that you focus on quality over quantity. Here’s a breakdown of what we will need:

Indie genres are the highest priority.

  • indie pop
  • indie electro
  • indie rock
  • indie hip hop that skews toward pop
  • We can still use emotional (hopeful/melancholy/reflective) type cues and tension (light suspense… think worry not fear/investigative/driving)
  • Suspense/Investigative/Tension music – this is the bulk of the Catfish sound! Should be dark but not too scary/horror movie like. 
  • Ambient/droney tension
  • Sparse – tracks that are pulsing or have ticking sounds
  • Driving tension – tracks (still minimal though) with a build
  • Weird instrumentation (chimes, glitchy sounds, didgeridoo)
  • Electronic/Dubby tension MINIMAL
  • Sparse Tense/suspenseful hip hop
  • Pop/Rock and electro pop
  • MINIMAL emotional music – both sad and hopeful. Lots of single note cues work – especially reverse ambient guitar (wahh-wahh sounds). Tracks that are sparse and heart breaking as well as cautiously hopeful. Electronic elements work well in these types of cues. Piano ballads or strum-my guitar cues do not. Tracks with slight builds can work well!
  • Mid-tempo and uptempo indie pop, indie rock, folk and electro pop – optimistic, fun, slightly quirky tracks for travel montages and more light hearted scenes. Tracks that build can work here. Only current sounding cues that should also be somewhat minimal so there can be dialogue on top of them. NO EDM. Most should be optimistic but some can be more tense or melancholy. Nothing too percussive or distracting.
  • Resolution music – Each episode will end with some sort of resolution. Many will be bittersweet so we will need music to help show that. These songs can be emotional, cautiously hopeful, have slow builds. We will need a variety.


Type of Submission:  Non-Exclusive Instrumentals
Members you of course have wide open unlimitedd submission for this and this is ongoing. But get on it asap because someone will beat you to it, if you don’t! 

For those of you still waiting on the side, go to the link and sign up

You are seriously missing so many opportunities that are ongoing.


This is what makes us different than everyone else. We are constantly supplying shows with music. We don’t waste time with email requests unless there is BIG money involved. Of course you’ve seen those emails and they are great! But becoming a consistent supplier of cues to our shows is going to make you the long term money! 


What Are Alt Mixes?

Alt mixes are pretty much like the full version of the track but with parts/instruments taken away. Not stems.

Here’s an example:

You have a full mix with everything in it – like bass, piano melody, drums, synths

You could make a minimal alt mix that might just be the drums, synths and bass with no piano melody 

You could make a no drums mix – where its everything in your full track without the drums/percussion.

Here’s some examples of alt mixes and how to Label your tracks:

You’ll see I have a main track then a minimal, no percussion alt mix etc.

An alt mix needs to be a complete track on it’s own. 

If you have a full mix of a track called Happy Days

You could literally cut all the drums out of your main cue, export it out then label that track the (no drum) alt mix. i.e Happy Days (No Drums)

Here’s a solid video showing you how to make alt mixes:

Our protocol is a little different from how this guy and his clients need material but it should give you a better understanding.

When making an alt mix think about the music supervisor putting your music in a show? He might like your main track but doesn’t need the drums in the track or maybe the melody or lead synths are too complex and just wants a simple minimal version with no melody and only rhythm. 

How To Be A Successful TV Composer

How to be a successful composer music for tv

Some of our features placements! The only difference between a successful TV composer and you is that they didn’t quit and kept writing. Anyone can do this! WE SUPPLY MUSIC to tons of TV shows regularly as a trusted source. Most of our tv music opportunities are ongoing year round so you get the maximum upscale potential to submit your music to networks and start making a name for yourself in the TV placement game. Our service is low key 🔑. You can do this in your spare time without the stress of a quick deadline. Write and submit material at your own pace.

Just wanted to encourage everyone to keep up the good work, keep writing and don’t give up! Try to stay persistent and consistent. Setting Weekly goals helps me keep a pipeline of cues flowing into our publishers.

Not a Client yet… Contact us today to discuss your options or visit our site for more information