Announcement – Greater Opportunity is in store for YOU! #mailboxmoney

We are so excited that you came to for this awesome service that will undoubtedly start putting money in your bank accounts.

We have some good news and some bad news though!

The bad news is we are no longer offering the “free” Bronze package that you may have signed up for initially!

The good news is that EVERYONE is welcome to use our “paid” TV Pitching services now! No more auditions. Our Submit an Audition feature is still live just in case you are unsure if you can create the right material we need.

Start writing for TV shows today. Start learning how to write for TV shows today. Bottom-line, Let’s Get You Started today. The sooner you start writing music cues for these shows, the sooner we can help get your music placed and get you paid $$$

Our TV Pitching Plans have been reduced to stupid low prices that anyone, and I mean anyone can afford!

Check this out! $19.99/month and $49.99/month!

I mean seriously, these prices are so low even a grade schooler could afford them with their lunch money! I bet you spend more than $50 a month on coffee, beer or your beverage of choice! How much money do you make back on these? 🙂

These plans are subscription based and run for one year. You will be billed monthly. But honestly, you won’t even care because the amount of money you’ll make is way more than your investment! This is called “ROI” or return on investment.

For both plans you will have access to our amazing and knowledgeable staff for just about everything!

We will be here to coach/mentor you  + facilitate and secure TV placements for you.

You will also have access to products and services that are exclusive to our members only!

A great opportunity is on the table right now for you guys.

Below are the plans, take a look and choose one. If you choose to not let us earn money for your material then all we can say is, we will always be here if and when you change your mind.

  • Gold TV Pitching and Membership

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    $49.99 / month Add To Cart

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