More TV Placements! #mailboxmoney – Updates for Current Clients

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Quarterly BMI royalty reports are in and what a beautiful sight to see! We saw a ton of new placements on HBO Vice, MTV Catfish, VH1, E!, Viceland’s Weediqutte, Vice Guide to Film, Noisey, Black Market with Michael K. Williams and so many more shows. For those of you who just joined, you guys just made a great decision. This is a great opportunity. I want to see you guys get mass amounts of placements ASAP so start and keep writing 90-120 second cues!!

Are you are just tuning in, What is MFTV and makes different? A few things!

At “Music For TV” we place instrumental music cues in very popular TV shows. These placements will earn you significant royalties in perpetuity! (This means forever!)

Unlike other services we work directly with you to make sure you are submitting material that has the highest probability to get placed. You will receive updates of new opportunities that we will tell you THE SHOW, THE STYLE OF CUE, AND PROVIDE REFERENCE CUES. This means you are never submitting anything blind! WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED. We work our butts off to get you placements! We’ve spent a lot of time, years in fact, cultivating and growing the relationships we have. This has tremendous value in it of itself. We do not use any online sites to bring you opportunity. TV shows only get music from trusted sources. We have a number of trusted personal connections we use to place your music.

We love seeing people invest in their career. It makes us happy. For instance, One of our newest guys is killing it. He writes Chill Trap (a style that is in high demand right now) and our publishers love his material. He will get placements for sure. His tracks are already being teed up for a few shows. This can be you. We are here to help you learn how to write TV music and help you get them placed. We hope to make the life of the songwriter as easy as possible, by taking the stress of business out of their mind.

I wouldn’t sit on the sidelines. We can help you the moment we start working together. I suggest you make an investment in your career and sign up today.

UPDATES for Current Clients**

I added modern electro pop instrumental reference tracks to everyone’s order. These are from the TV show Total Bellas on E!. Log into your account and download them if you have not already.

When writing for our affiliated TV shows, please remember to use/study our provided downloadable reference tracks as guidelines for your next submissions. Our job is to help you get where you need to be to have success in this.

Some of you are having trouble with embedding meta data. I made this video to help you guys learn how to add meta-data and deliver your material properly to us.
Please watch this video on how to correctly add meta if you need further assistance.

We need to make sure all labeling, meta-data and submissions are professional. Remember to use/study our provided downloadable reference tracks as guidelines for your next batch too.

If you want placements send in quality cues. Our publishers LOVE high production value and if the quality isn’t there then, you have a 90% chance they won’t take your material. So if you want placements, then focus on submitting great sounding tracks! Doesnt have to be anything over the top or complex. Keep it simple. Keep it sounding tight. Ok guys just wanted to check in, give a quick update. KEEP Writing! Submit Regularly! Let’s get you guys placements!
What are you waiting for?  Start writing for TV shows today. Join our team of writers! Start learning how to write for TV shows today too. Bottom-line, Let’s Get You Started today. The sooner you start writing music cues for these shows, the sooner we can help get your music placed and get you paid $$$$

Below are the plans, take a look and choose one to start writing with our exclusive group of producers and composers.

We offer two levels of service, each for a year, $9.99/month(50% writers share to you) and $49.99 a month(100% writers share to you). Which you choose is totally up to you. Your ROI on either package will be 100%-1000% or more if you listen to our suggestions.

If you choose to not let us earn money for your material then all we can say is, we will always be here if and when you change your mind.

Have you seen our TV Pitching and Placement Plans yet?
  • Gold TV Pitching and Membership

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