Looking For Artists For TV Commercials

Music for tv is looking for talented artists with social media following for TV commercials - jobs

Here is a list of genres of artists and band types needed, so get your tracks ready.   

1. Current Hip Hop with (clean) vocals.   
2. Old School Soul with vocals. (These should be fun and uptempo). 
3. Stomp Rock (Imagine Dragons meets One Republic kind of thing).  
4. Modern R&B with vocals. 
5. Modern Rock of all kinds but an emphasis on sport cues would be best.. 
6. Latin/ Cuban/Island music. 
7. Modern Country. (Jason Aldean-Florida Georgia Line)
8. Quirky, fun music. 
9. Authentic Jazz. 
10. Indie Artist-focused music.  
11. Black Keys 
12. Royal Blood (a side note, no one has come close to this so if you have it or know someone, get them in this now!) 
13. Tame Impala
14. Banks
15. Spoon
Submission BRIEF
– 1 song with vocals.

– Links to your social media 

– Deadline is ASAP so please send right away. 

– Looking for bands/artists that have a social media presence

– This is not for producer only talent, sorry 

– Submit using a box.com link

– Get your box.com free account here  https://www.box.com/pricing/individual
– All submission must go through our portal here https://musicfortv.net/submission/
– Folder must be labeled – Artist Name – Genre – SM – Date

– Tracks should have instrumentals ready to go if asked for

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