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Get Your Music Cues In Top TV Show NOW!

We have launched MusicForTV.Net and it’s a monster success! Not just for us but for our clients! People are literally lining up for this extremely inexpensive service that will put your cues in TOP TV shows and of course earn you a lot of money!

We do something that NO OTHER SERVICE DOES! We actually tell you the shows we need cues for! We constantly update our clients on these shows too!

Wait it gets better…

WE GIVE you reference tracks that you will use as guides to make your own cues!

And here’s the best part…We will coach and work with you to make sure you are submitting material that we KNOW can get placed! NO OTHER company does any of this!

For as little as $19.99 a month you could be earning $200-$500 a month, easily!

So here’s the deal: If you are able to produce instrumental cues in multiple genres including hip hop, pop, R&B, Chill, Trap, Soul, New Wave and many more and you can listen to reference tracks and use them as guides to produce new cues, then this is for you!

Even if you’ve never done this but have some production skills and you want to learn how, this could be for you too!

We DO NOT accept everyone! And EVERYONE has to submit an audition!

If you would like to be considered for this awesome opportunity then click HERE and submit an audition! Or click any of the above links in this email!

UPDATES for Current Clients**
Things to remember:

  • No fades at the end. Make your endings sound more natural and orchestrated. Maybe compose a nice musical element to stab end your track or even use a Button/Stinger ending.- Button – Quick, natural ending – Stinger – usually a build up sound effect and hit to end track – short and quick.
  • I say this cause you want to make your cues sound cohesive from start to finish. You might have a good intro, body of a cue but then the endings are bad or not cohesive as a whole body of work and sometimes it hinders you getting a TV placement.
  • I recommend making a couple variations of your cues i.e. (full, minimal, no drums,)
    Give our publishers and music supervisors a couple layers of your cues to play with.
  • Study reference tracks provided and watch TV shows. Listen to the background music and how it aids the overall production.
  • Be professional in all your labeling and submissions – this will help us work together efficiently.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: I want to encourage you guys to create as much quality material as you can. You are not only getting better by spending all the time it takes to create quality tracks but at the same time building up your personal library of material that you have the full rights to sell or license to games/productions/commercials.
Each track to me, is like a fishing pole. When I fish, I want to have 100’s of poles out there catching fish for me while I’m not even working. That’s why I focus on creating intellectual property. Every track you create is intellectual property. The more you have, the more you can have working for you. Everyone reading this can be a success story.

Let’s get you started.

What are you waiting for? Start writing for TV shows today. Start learning how to write for TV shows today too. Bottom-line, Let’s Get You Started today. The sooner you start writing music cues for these shows, the sooner we can help get your music placed and get you paid $$$$

Below are the plans, take a look and choose one to start writing with our exclusive group of producers and composers.

We offer two levels of service, each for a year, $9.99/month(50% writers share to you) and $49.99 a month(100% writers share to you). Which you choose is totally up to you. Your ROI on either package will be 100%-1000% or more if you listen to our suggestions.

If you choose to not let us earn money for your material then all we can say is, we will always be here if and when you change your mind.

Have you seen our TV Pitching and Placement Plans yet?
  • Gold TV Pitching and Membership

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    $49.99 / month Add To Cart

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