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If you are getting this email, we invite you to join our community of composers/producers taking the necessary steps to make money with their music in TV. Visit us at Musicfortv.net

Congrats and welcome to everyone who recently joined our roster. 🎯📺We are extremely excited for each and everyone of you! If you have passed our audition process, we think you have what it takes to succeed writing instrumental cues for our TV opportunities. The best way to get started is to Follow Directions and PUT in the WORK meaning actually write and submit material! Writing Cues is very simple and even if you’ve never done them before, we can teach you. You can literally do them with a simple program like Garage Band. All you are trying to do is evoke a mood, style or theme. The best part about our services is it’s wide open. There is no limit to opportunities or placements. 100’s of shows need music and so many styles are needed. We have the connections to get our music placed in TV shows. For maximum results, set weekly goals and deliver music! This will ensure placements. You won’t be sorry for doing this work. I recommend for no one to sit back and think your 1-3 cues will make you millions. The people who are writing regularly and sending us music are the ones making all the money and placements. 😀 SO! Let’s get it this week! No Excuses!

Once you enroll in our program, we start using our personal connections to place and secure TV placements on your behalf.

It’s that simple. Join our team!


UPDATES for Current Composers/Producers**

I’ve updated your order with a new Prep Sheet.


  • Added in screenshots showing how meta data should look
  • Video link on how to prep and deliver submissions properly
  • Reminders to Copy and paste your folder title in the subject line of your email before sending.
  • And to make sure you hit reply all to any emails.



Study the downloadable reference tracks included inside your order.This will help you create material that is needed. Our publishers have hand selected these ref tracks and genres to help us get them what music styles and moods they need. Remember to keep it minimal and simple. Focus on a good overall sound in your cues. It’s as simple as making a music cue with a cool modern tonal drone sound and a drum beat! A winning rule of thumb to get placements with your music is, If it sounds good, then send it!

Remember for optimal TV placement potential – Send in variations of your cue (Full, Minimal, No Drums, Drone, etc.) This will help you get more placements and gives a music supervisors of a TV show more layers of your track to play with when syncing a track up to a show.

Not a Client?

You have to be a client to work on our opportunities. If you are not a client, please reach out with any question! We can’t work with everyone so please if you are interested submit an audition using this link:

Overall MFTV is happy to represent each and everyone of you guys! Keep up the good work. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

From your friends at Musicfortv.net

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