Film and TV placement is currently one of the most successful ways to make money with your music.

If you are not making money in TV right now, then you are really missing out big time. Mailbox Money is the best kind of money. Imagine what $200-10K a month extra could do for your family and business. I stand behind MFTV services. It’s worked for me and I know it can work for you. – “Collin G. Scudder”

If you have auditioned and been accepted, we think you can kill this and get placements. This is really simple too. Follow our directions and you should be golden! We want to see you to win, get placements, start generating mass amounts of placements and of course make lots of money! Once you sign up, you are on our exclusive team. We will be here to make sure you are doing it right. I personally want to see every writer involved with MFTV to get fired up for this and slay the placement game because this will 100% work for you but only if you work it. Meaning you have to send in material to get placements! haha.

On another note: I’m super excited for the composers/producers that have just signed up. Good job! You will not be sorry. You all seriously just made a great decision! You guys are going to do a spectacular job! Let’s get it! offers a truly amazing service. There is nothing out there like it. We get your music placed in major networks with ease. We are literally using our personal connections to help you get placements. We work very closely with our publishers. You sign up, you instantly have an in to write for our opportunities and get your tracks in our publishers active TV catalogs. You receive downloadable reference tracks too, so you’re never submitting blind. You also you get us on your team coaching you to make sure you are submitting the right material. MFTV is a Win/Win Situation for all of us.

Hear Me Out: Over the last couple years, I’ve had over 50+ tracks placed and counting which generates me a ton of residual income each quarter. I get paid every time a show with my music airs or the season re-runs. It’s nice. I’m not even really a composer. I write in my spare time for fun. I’m a full time sound designer. So if I can bank, I know you can too. Honestly it’s really simple. I can only imagine the amount of money you would make if you actually focused and wrote cues full time. Overall basically If you can make tracks that sound good, and follow directions, then i’m confident you will do great! – “Collin G. Scudder” Give our services a thought for real. If you are not a client – Ask yourself this ONE simple question. 1. Are YOU making money with your music in TV right now? If the answer is no.. then you are seriously missing out big time $$$$. We can help you get placements once we start working together. Make a decision soon, at this rate we probably will have to close signups soon. So don’t sit on the sidelines for much longer.. If you want this.. then i’d recommend signing up now..



Teamwork makes the Dream Work! Working together effectively is important if you want us to get your material placed.. Please let’s not waste each others time. Please read all our provided information included in your order, follow the Getting Started Steps and Prep & Delivery Protocol. We need to make sure all submissions and labeling is professional. We will not be allowing any submissions that do not meet our standards reach our publishers cause they will not take it either. Lol.. Learn our Guidelines and Protocol. Once you understand our protocol and the process, it will get easier. Just try to listen and learn what we are asking. Ask questions or call either James or I. Here is a link to a video showing you how to add meta data and send a batch of cues properly:


Why Do We Make You Submit 2 Cues at First?

For those who are wondering why we are making you send in 2 cues at a time at first. We do this because we need to make sure you are doing this right. The people who we work with are very particular in what they accept and how it needs to be prepared (meta data). We will be vetting you until we feel confident in your work and that you can follow directions with out us having to constantly get back to you for edits on production, meta data and/or have to listen/ analyze your material so intensely. We will keep you on the 2 cue per submission quota until you show us you can do it without us! 🙂

Things to remember this week while writing:

* Set a Weekly Quota – Tracks per Week Goal

* No fades at the end. Make your endings sound more natural and orchestrated. Maybe compose a nice musical element to stab end your track or even use a Button/Stinger ending.- Button – Quick, natural ending – Stinger – usually a build up sound effect and hit to end track – short and quick.

* Make a couple variations of your cue i.e. (full, minimal, no drums,)

* Study reference tracks * Be professional in all your labeling and submissions – this will help us work together efficiently.

Hope you guys have a great rest of the week! Keep writing! Keep grinding! All of our hard work will pay off. We reap what we sow. SO keep planting seeds. With MFTV you are planting seeds for the future you to thank the past you 😉 It will happen. Just keep going hard! ps. be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter!

Cheers! – Collin

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