Frequently Asked Questions


What type of material is needed for TV shows right now?

All Types and Styles

TV shows are always looking for instrumental and background music.


How do I get paid from your services?

Your PRO

All royalties are paid out & managed through your performing rights organization.


Who are the publishers you work with?

We have multiple.

We don’t disclose our publishers but we will work with mainstream industry contacts on your behalf.

  • Who is this for?

    Composers, Musicians that write instrumental music, producers, part timers, anyone who wants to monetize their music.

  • What types of music should I send in?

    90-120 second instrumentals – Ask yourself, does your material provoke themes, moods, background music, Instrumentals, artist tracks that make sense to use in TV? If yes, then this is for you.

  • Quality of music that should be submitted?

    Unique high quality music. Does’t have to be perfect or the best, if it displays a mood, emotion specific style or theme then send it in.

  • Do you accept tracks with vocals?

    Yes we do. Tracks with vocals are harder to place. If you have vocals, make sure to submit an instrumental version alongside with a “with vocal” version. We have seen more success with instrumentals.

  • When Do I Get Paid?

    Royalties are managed by your PRO (performing rights organization) and payment is distributed according to their policy.

  • How long should my tracks be:

    90-120 seconds

  • When should I submit my cues?

    Submit as often as possible. Usually once a week. Send batches with no more than 20 tracks per folder.

  • What formats do you accept:

    High quality 320kbps .Mp3

  • How will I know if my tracks get placed in a show.

    First, you will see your tracks being registered in your PRO account – in your works catalog. Then if placed, your placement will show up in your PRO royalty statement.


Do I have to have an active subscription with MFTV for my music to be placed in TV Shows?


Once your material is in with our publishers, your material can generate you unlimited TV placements $ without our services forever. Our services is month to month with no commitment. Cancel at anytime.


Is there any guarantee my tracks will be placed in TV and make me money?


We can get them in point blank distance of the supervisors, but ultimately we can't make them choose. If you create tracks similar to the Ref tracks we supply then you have a great shot!


Why Would I Pay For A Service Like This?

Real Results.

What price are you willing to pay for a real foot in the door solution to place your music in TV shows. It's worked for me, and can work for you!

  • How do I know when my tracks are registered:

    Check your PRO works catalog.

  • I want to remove my tracks from the catalog, What should I do?

    Just let us know and we will get it removed. Pulling tracks from the submission queue causes disruptions for our publishers. It makes us both look bad. If you do this, you will never work with us again.

  • How do I know my tracks are being pitched to shows:

    Check your PRO works catalog – When you see that your tracks have been registered in your account that means the publisher has hand selected your tracks to be put in a pitch pool (shortlisted group of music tracks picked for a specific show’s request)

  • If you get a track of mine placed in a show, and I decide remove it out of your services, can I get it out?

    No. If it’s placed in a TV show. That’s a final project and the deal is sealed.

  • If I'm registered with another publisher, can I still submit to your service?

    Yes, we work on a non-exclusive basis.

  • Do you accept sound effects?


  • How long does it take for my submission to get checked?

    Submissions usually take 2-4 buisness days to be reviewed.

  • Does your services require re-titling?

    Yes, If you submit content that has already been registered with your PRO we will change or re-title the track name. Please re-title before submitting if this is the case.

  • What type of tracks do the music supervisors want?

    Focus on creating content needed on the current opportunities page on our site. 90-120 second cues work well. Stems of tracks like full, minimal, no percussion, work too.. It gives music supervisors more to play with. Keep tracks simple. You are creating background music not full scale epic orchestrated tracks.


When could I see my first check if I start now?

9-12 months

Broadcast royalties pay 3 quarters in the rear. PRO payout usually every quarter.


What kind of meta data do I need to embed in my tracks before sending via box.com to you?

Describe Track.

You add cue title, descriptive keywords describing style, mood, and type of track, and category/genre. Please reference the Prep and Delivery Protocol sheet before submitting material. It's easy and all you need is itunes. Here's a video on how to add meta data: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJIGBfDO2BU&t=78s


Do I need to register my music tracks with my PRO before working with you?


We will register your tracks if they are being actively pitched.

If you have any specific questions shoot me an email real quick.. [email protected]

Why should I get started right now?

Ready? Set. GO!