Cinematic & Film Score Music Needed!


Plugin company is looking for cinematic composers each week to score videos using their sound design & music plugins. This week they need composer to use their Kontakt 6 plugin “Revelation” a grand scoring piano for the video linked below. Composer must use piano as base of the music track but can use any other supporting plugins or sound libraries to build a compelling high quality trailer track. This music may be used as audio demos on plugin product page & social media video posts. 

To jump on this scoring gig, please click black button link below to submit a link to your best cinematic & film score work. You must be a Gold or Bronze member to qualify for this opp. Composer will be chosen in 48 hours. If you don’t hear back you didn’t get the opp this week. 

Don’t worry – we will have these quick opps – once every week!

Here is the link to the video that needs to be scored:

Music needs to sound great, draw in emotion, be dramatic, compelling, cinematic, & epic. – feel the vibe of the scene and go for it!

– Budget: $100 per score (only 30-60 seconds of music) + official NKS ready – plugin upon release ($199 retail value) + 2 sample packs from Sound Yeti.
– License: Non-exclusive
– Deadline: 72 hours from time you get accepted to write – copy of plugin will be sent to you.

1. you must own & have a copy of Kontakt 6 installed (this scoring piano is a Kontakt 6 instrument)
2. you must love to write cinematic & epic music cues for trailers, film scores etc.

Go fill out the form to qualify for this opportunity on this page:


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