13 Tips to get TV Placements

This is Collin from Musicfortv.net.

Being a composer, producer and/or freelancer can be tough. I’ve put together 13 tips to help you succeed in the industry.

13 Tips to get TV Placements:

  • The only difference between a successful TV composer and you is they didn’t quit and kept writing. Anyone can do this!
  • Don’t over think this. You are not writing a hit song. You are writing a simple mood, emotion, style, genre or theme of music.
  • Invest in modern sounding plugins
  • Set a Tracks per Week Submission Goal – (3-5 cues with alt mixes a week is a good one)
  • Focus on 90-120 second instrumentals
  • Don’t over produce
  • Spend NO more than 2-4 hours on a track- Crank them out!
  • Find a few cue styles you feel comfortable with and create those
  • Persistence and Commitment – Your Bank account is in direct proportion to your work ethic. If you want it, you have to go get.
  • Everyone want but not everyone gets. Make sure your work ethic matches your ambition and what you want. If you want your music business to succeed, be sure you make time for it. Put in the effort necessary.
  • Make a couple variations/alt mixes of your cue i.e. (full, minimal, no drums, minimal, drone only) This gives you optimal placement potential.
  • Study reference tracks and Watch the TV Shows to hear and see how it all works together.
  • Be professional in all your productions, labeling and submissions

Stay Strong this week! Keep up the good work everyone!
– Collin George Scudder

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